• What size is your business?

    June 28, 2016
  • If you work for Cargill, 3M, Target and others like that, it’s safe to say that you are part of Big Business. That’s great and I wish you success. Big business however, does not have room for all of the people who need to make a living. So for the rest of us, there are other categories of business to go with ‘Big’, namely ‘Medium’ and ‘Small’, right? What if you found out that there is a 4th category and it’s the biggest one in terms of actual registered businesses?

    Welcome to the gigantic world of microbusiness! Over the next 15 weeks, there will be five :30 spots featured here to build awareness and answer some fundamental questions about the benefits of being a member of Micro Advocates Cooperative. A new spot will be released every 3 weeks or so. REM Video & Event Company is pleased to be the producer for this awareness campaign on social media for MicroAdvocates Cooperative.

    Check out the first :30 spot. Is your business or something similar listed? If so, you are a microbusiness. Please go to micro.coop to learn more about how you can improve your business and perhaps your life as a member of Micro Advocates Cooperative – A Minnesota coop for business. (Being a cooperative venture means they even have room for you if you aren’t a microbusiness owner so check out the website and pass the word along.)