• About REM

  • REM Video & Event Company was founded in 1990.  REM is a full service communications company utilizing digital video and live events to reach your audience.  Our tools include: HD video, audio, multimedia, web media, and live productions. We're a creative service as well as production resource.

    We create distinctive marketing videos, fundraising videos and events, awards presentations, employee meetings, training in all media, employee communications, inspirational and motivational videos and so much more.

    For us, it's not about REM, it's about telling your story. 

  • Meet the founder
  • Roger Miller

    Roger has been in audio and visual communications his entire career.  Beginning with his education is photography and audiovisual technology.  His professional experience includes working as camera director with an internationally renowned animation house producing commercials in 35mm and 16mm formats and then moving on to write, direct and produce media and business theater events for Fortune 1000 companies across the US and as far away as Australia.  

    Many of his positions included deep business experience with profit and loss responsibility.  He feels he has been very fortunate to have a good mix of business management and creative experience.

    Roger is a creative director and award winning producer who makes your message come alive through video, multimedia, web and events. His strength lies in depth of experience in the film, video, and events industries and staying up-to-date with media tools and trends.