• Distribution

  • Social Media

    You may choose to have all of your videos put on YouTube and we will make sure they are encoded correctly for this.  If you prefer, we will host your videos and give you the codes to drop them into your application as needed as either a private or a public file.  We can also password protect videos so only a select few can view them.  (This is how we do our draft reviews with our clients)

  • Online Marketing Strategy

    Are you creating video as a product with a pay-per-view or subscriptions scheme?  We are ready to help you on this with our own hosting package.  We can also help you determine the best way to distribute your video for your audience.  You're just a brief conversation away from finding the solution you need.

  • Distribution Guidelines

    We will make sure that your video is properly encoded and protected to meet your delivery needs.  We can meet any specification or develop new specifications for newly created apps.