• Post-Production

  • Editing

    We are an Adobe based production house.  We maintain a full Creative Cloud subscription so we can offer the best tools that are always up to date.  We edit using the latest version of Adobe Premiere.  With its tight integration to After Effects for motion graphics, Audition for audio needs, Photoshop and Illustrator for design and Encore for authoring, it is the best toolset we can use for your project.

    We have 2 edit systems.  One in the studio for heavy duty needs and a portable laptop-based system for location needs. Both are capable of turning out full HD video projects.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

    Some concepts are better described by a picture in motion or simply can't be shot for the video.  If you need to see blood pumping through a heart, animation is the ticket.  We can provide a lot of your animation and compositing in-house and have broad resources for specialized skills as needed.

  • Music

    We have a lot of capabilities and resources for music.  We have a number of CD based libraries to choose from as well as online resources that will give us multi-track files so we can remix songs to suit your taste.

    REM also can supply original music for your needs.  Our founder is a performing musician and has wide resources for writing, recording and mixing music made specially for you.

  • Sound Mix

    Mixing the soundtrack is an art.  When the music comes in, how it balances with the narrative and sound bites, or even the overall feel of the music needs to be considered and properly executed.  We're very good at this.  

    Sometimes we need to fix the sound recorded on site.  Whether is it removing distracting sounds or beefing up portions of the natural sound to fit better in the production, we have the tools and expertise to do it right.